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NuvoCare WeightOFF

Weight Loss

The clinically proven natural ingredients in NuvoCare SlimCentials®, NutraCentials® and WeightOFF® help thousands of people lose weight and feel better.

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NutraCentials® Daily Essential

Daily Health

NutraCentials® Daily Essentials™ health supplements have scientifically formulated, naturally derived ingredients to help you look and feel better every day.

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Better Sleep

SleepON® is the world’s first clinical strength, stress-relieving sleep activator that has our patent-pending RE-3 sleep rejuvenation technology for better, more restful sleep.

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Results are dramatic with AgeOFF® Face & Body Nutrition and AgeOFF® Wrinkle-Reduction-Serum since they stimulate younger looking skin, reduce stress, and rejuvenate the body. Starting looking your best today!

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NuvoCare Nutraceutical Wellness Products


NuvoCare is North America's #1 research-based manufacturer of landmark nutritional supplement brands that have been developed for a unique set of customers searching for optimal quality, safety, and effectiveness. All our health products are formulated with the exact ingredients and dosages proven to work in clinical studies. With this approach you are guaranteed to get results with our products! Don't forget to join the conversation on Facebook.

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