AFRICAN MANGO – What You Need To Know

Posted by Ryan Foley on 2/10/2014 to Weight Loss Advice

African Mango (Irvingia gabonensis) Seed has been used for centuries in parts of Africa and Asia for medicinal and culinary purposes.  These cultures traditionally ground the fruit seeds into a fine powder and added it to their food to give it thickness, but it also caused appetite reduction and weight loss.  

Interested in this culinary weight-loss phenomenon, weight-loss researcher Dr. Julius Oben from the University of Yaoundé in Cameroon began to study this fruit seed and its various benefits pertaining to weight loss and weight management. He began his focus on identifying the various components in the African Mango Seed and the properties these compounds had on various mechanisms involved with weight loss and cardiovascular health in the human body. 

It was the research of Dr. Oben that lead to a proprietary extract of African Mango Seed called African Mango+ with WellTrim® iG (IGOB131®) from SlimCentials®.  This extract is standardized with precise level of mango albumins (proteins) that have been shown in clinical trials to have profound weight loss effects.  In fact, the average subject in the 10-week clinical trials lost an average of 28 pounds in ten weeks with no changes to their lifestyle.

These powerful weight loss effects are a result of WellTrim® iG’s powerful ability to lower an inflammatory marker known as C-reactive protein (CRP).  Not only does CRP put you at greater risk of cardiovascular disease, it also has a negative impact on specific hormones that regulate body weight including leptin and adiponectin.  When CRP levels are high, leptin and adiponectin do not function properly in the body resulting in weight gain.  Your body’s metabolism naturally declines, blood sugar levels elevate, and appetite and desire to eat drastically go up. NuvoCare’s SlimCentials® WellTrim iG African Mango+ corrects these problems!

In a published 10-week, randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled human clinical trial, subjects taking 150 mg of WellTrim® iG twice daily had shockingly positive effects! In those ten weeks, test subjects lowered C-reactive protein (CRP) by 52.3% which caused a drop in leptin and a significant increase in adiponectin. It was this positive change in the balance of these two hormones that significantly reduced body weight while also improving healthy cardiovascular markers. 

Bottom line: test subjects using WellTrim iG® lost an average of 28 pounds, had an 18.4% reduction in body-fat, and a 6.7% reduction in waist size while also decreasing bad cholesterol levels (LDL) by 27.2%!

It was clear to researchers that by isolating out a specific mango protein called albumin from the seed of African Mango and administering it at a precise dosage only found in NuvoCare’s WellTrim® iG formula, significant weight loss was achieved and dramatic improvements in cardiovascular health naturally occurred!  This is precisely why Dr. Oz is such a fan of this amazing ingredient because not only does it help you lose weight, but as a cardiothoracic surgeon, Dr. Oz. loves the fact that it has tremendous cardiovascular benefits.

When it comes to NuvoCare SlimCentials® WellTrim® iG African Mango Plus, the results are undeniable!  Demand WellTrim® iG if you’re serious about attaining your weight-loss goals and reaching your desired weight.

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