SleepOn Natural Sleep Aid – 60 Veggie Caps
SleepOn Natural Sleep Aid – 60 Veggie Caps

SleepOn Natural Sleep Aid – 60 Veggie Caps


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1. Helps you fall asleep faster & sleep longer the first night! 
2. Clinically proven to lower factors that reduce sleep quality 
3. Eases anxiety by 49% and relieves body-tension 
4. Decreases stress hormone levels by up to 21% 5. Increases human growth hormone (HGH) release by 254% 6. Safe, natural & non-habit forming

SleepOn® is based on key research published in peer-reviewed human studies conducted in Italy, India and the United States. SleepOn® is further supported by over 295 peer-reviewed published clinical studies and government monographs validating both the safety and effectiveness of the formulation. The science behind SleepOn® proves that the SleepOn® formulation effectively addresses: 

• Elevated Anxiety 
• Elevated Plasma Cortisol levels 
• Inability to fall asleep and stay asleep

In a double-blind placebo-controlled research study on 30 subjects, a key ingredient in SleepOn® was tested and shown to dramatically reduce both anxiety and associated symptoms by 49% and 72% respectively in only 15 Days. In another double-blind placebo-controlled study on 98 subjects, a second key compound in SleepOn® was proven to significantly lower plasma cortisol levels by 15-21% in 60-Days. In yet another study, conducted at Boston 
University School of Medicine, test subjects taking a key compound in SleepOn® fell asleep faster and slept longer the very first night.

Recommended Dose: Take 1 serving (2 capsules) of SleepOn® daily, 30-60 minutes before going to bed. Each serving should be taken with 150-240 ml glass of water.

Recommended Duration of Use: For uses beyond 3 weeks, consult a health care practitioner.

Recommended Use or Purpose: As a natural health product (NHP) formulated to help promote sleep.

NPN: 80030660 

5 Stars
SleepOn helped me get off prescription medication
After having been on prescription medication to help with sleep for 20 years, I have had to cut back my dosage to more than half. I saw an ad for 'SLEEPON' and decided to give it a try. I am pleased to say that it is working quite well. So well, that I just placed my next order on 'Auto Ship'. I'm actually beginning to wonder if I can totally wean off the prescription medication I'm on. All this to say I am pleased with this product.
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Reviewed by:  from Lanark. on 4/11/2016
5 Stars
Works as promised!
I found SleepOn about 2 years ago and I really love the product. I had tried Melatonin and about half a dozen other sleep aids and nothing really worked as advertised. I fall asleep easily but have trouble staying asleep or going back to sleep when I wake up (and I wake up often). SleepOn actually helps me fall back to sleep much faster if I awaken and it also improves the overall quality of my sleep. I feel better rested when I use it regularly. Note that you do need to take it for at least a couple of weeks to notice a significant difference! After that, it maintains really well even if you miss a day here and there. I hope they never discontinue it!
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Reviewed by:  from Toronto, ON, Canada. on 11/12/2018

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